Things You Should Know About Title Insurance Within Arizona

Thank you for your recent inquiry about title insurance premiums for the property in question. As part of the quote provided you here, we would like to share some additional information about title insurance premium rates within the State of Arizona.

  1. The rates for each insurer are filed with the Arizona Department of Insurance and are fixed rates. This means whatever the rate is for that particular insurer within a particular Arizona County, it is the same for every issuing agent that represents that particular insurer.
  2. The Seller of the property pays for the Buyer’s Homeowner’s Policy.
  3. The Buyer pays for the Lender’s Loan Policy if a loan is taken out to purchase the property. As the Buyer, the title insurance premiums we will provide you do not include any loan policy endorsement fees, which would be an additional cost(s) to you. Endorsements are items which the Lender may request in order for them to provide a loan for a particular purchase. We have no way of knowing what, if any, these are at the time of this quote. Often, lenders will wait until just days before a close of sale to make their final endorsement requests. (These additional Loan Policy costs should be provided to you before closing by the escrow service handling your transaction).
  4. Title insurance premiums are based upon the purchase price, loan amount, type of real estate purchase among other factors.
  5. As issuing agent within the State of Arizona, Long Title Agency has provided you with the proper coverage and least expensive premium, based upon the information you have provided us.
  6. Long Title Agency is a licensed, registered “title only” title insurance agent. We can provide you with title insurance premium quotes only. For other costs associated with your sell/purchase you will need to contact an escrow service. Long Title Agency has several Escrow Agencies we work with and would be glad to provide you with their name(s) and contact information, if you desire.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to provide you with this quote and we hope you will choose Long Title Agency for your tile insurance needs for this transaction




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